Azure IaaS Premium Storage Test

I thought I would share the output of some DiskSpd tests that I conducted on Azure VMs that ultimately will have SQL Server installed. I will then show a comparison of the same test on my local (average) machine.

DiskSpd – This is a tool that is provided by Microsoft which allows user-defined combination of I/O types where you can run tests simulating SQL Server activity. See link

Once you have downloaded the tool I recommend reading the documentation provided as there are alot of options/parameters available to you.

The test

Once installed you need to CD to the location of EXE within the following folder for 64 bit: C:\Diskspd-v2.0.17\amd64fre\(diskspd.exe)

Then run the command that you want to simulate the I/O.

This is just 1 test type of many that I ran, from the documentation I wanted to simulate this section of the chart.


DiskSpd.exe -c4G -o8 -t2 -w100 -b8K -h -L C:\EX\testfile.dat >results.txt

  • I am using a 4GB  DAT file
  • 8 outstanding I/Os
  • This is a random WRITE test – 8KB in size
  • Disabled both software caching and hardware write caching.
  • 2 threads

Azure VM


Local Machine


A big difference! I expected nothing less..

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