SSMS 2016& Azure SQL DBs

When using the latest version of SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio) there is a small but handy little feature that I noticed when you are connected to an Azure (logical) SQL Server.

So below I have 2 screen shots – 1 when connected to an “earthed” SQL Server versus the Azure server. I right click on a database, can you see the difference?

Earthed SQL Server




Well, there are couple of differences but the one I am interested in has been circled – “open in management portal”.

Obviously this will only work if the machine you are working on has a connection to the internet.

So you click it – it loads the portal.


BUT – it takes you to I rather it pointed to


I definitely have the subscription and permission to access it, soon as I click the option it works fine. Perhaps a slight tweak needed?


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