Another way to move SQL DB to Azure

About 8 months ago I wrote an article ( ) where I showed you how to migrate your “earth” SQL Database to Azure using a BACPAC import. If you look at the following diagram I will now show you the middle route of migration using the deployment wizard.

First you need to make sure that your local (earthed-based) database is V12 compatible and if not address those issues first else the migration will fail.


Next connect to your local SQL Server database using a recent release of SQL Server Management Studio (the one that you want to migrate) and under tasks you will want to select “Deploy Database to Microsoft Azure SQL Database”.


Next you will need to make sure that you enter valid deployment settings for your target connection.


So once you have selected the connect button you will need to connect to your Azure SQL Server using your server admin account.


Back to the main screen you will then have the ability to change basic database settings such as edition and size.


Once you are happy with the details on the summary screen just click finish.


Naturally the time this process takes will depend on the amount of data you are moving and on what sort of connection you have to the Azure DC.

I like to confirm the migration went well, so I connected via SSMS to check for the existence of my database.


So now I have covered another way to move to Azure.


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