SQL database built-in intelligence

I sometimes forget that Microsoft watches out for us by proactively looking at the behaviour of our SQL databases in Azure.

SQL database has built-in intelligence and with that intelligence it may recommend an elastic pool setup if it’s more cost-efficient for you based on the past usage telemetry of your databases within a server.

If your environment will benefit from using a pool then you will clearly be told this fact.

Just to recap, an elastic database pool provides elastic database transaction units (eDTUs) and storage (GBs) that are shared by multiple databases. Read more here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/sql-database/sql-database-elastic-pool-create-portal or https://blobeater.blog/2016/12/02/i-use-elastic-database-pools-for-now/

Within the overview section of your SQL Server of interest you may notice the following message:


All you need to do is click it to view the details.


The recommendation is to setup a standard 50 EDTU pool. I am convinced that this pool is a new pricing tier. Even though the cost saving is small it is still clever that it suggests this. I assume the analysis done in the background really does understand my utilization patterns as we know that the patterns are absolutely crucial for when using elastic pools so it is something to definitely consider.

Within a click of a button the portal will create it for you.


All you need to do it hit that OK button.


As mentioned in previous blog posts, I love the power available to you at your finger tips when using the Azure portal.

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