I was having a conversation with Oracle professionals the other day and they started to discuss the Oracle ACE program and they asked me (being the one that works with Microsoft technology) what Microsoft’s equivalent was, to which I answered MVP.

It was fascinating to hear them speak about the program more specifically the fact that in the Oracle world there are 3 different levels to an ACE.

Anyways they started to mention that they would like to achieve this as a goal, I kind of disagreed and said that if the by-product of you sharing knowledge walking and talking is the entry level award then great, if not then great, keep doing what you enjoy right? Let’s be honest here who really knows that it takes? (Even though their nomination form gives away some clues).

A lot of people who have helped me from proof reading articles, presentations and general mentoring are MVPs and they have my utter most respect, especially Erin from SQLskills who has read my PowerPoint slides many times and provided me with feedback reminiscent of my University days and Brent Ozar who actually reads blogs and helps grow their reading base.

Keep doing what you are doing, we little people appreciate it. I sure do.

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