Azure Advisor Recommendations

Logging into the Azure portal is a daily task of mine and my eyes light up when I see features in preview mode. With that being said Azure Advisor Recommendations is what I will be writing about today.

What is it? It is a tool where it will offer personalized recommendations to reduce costs and improve the performance, security, and reliability of your applications and that is what makes up the menu options.


I decided to run the advisor for ALL options, meaning High availability, security, performance and cost analysis for a selection of resource groups.

You will then end up with the following findings:


It is very thorough – for example the SECURITY section with the red exclamation mark gave me 50 plus warnings with high impact ratings – naturally I went to that area first, but for this post I want to explore the other recommendations.

Within High Availability section I was recommended the following with medium impact:


If you drill into the alert, for example the upgrading to premium disks it will take you to a list of machines where it recommends to apply it, if you decide against it you can put it into “snooze” mode.


I really like the COST section, Azure is trying to look after your pocket where here is it analysing Low VM usage thus giving me the chance of downsizing.


Click the link and it is quite impressive, not only will it give you the option of looking at the usage patterns but it will also show you potential savings in your currency.


The alert is generated via analysis done by Azure where it covers the past 14 days where during that time the average CPU utilization was less than 5% and network I/O was less than 7MB for 4 or more days.

You can see it for yourself – click the “View Usage Patterns” and track the CPU over the last week.


Not really making the most of my resources am I?

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