SQLBits 2017

I have never been to SQLBits (https://sqlbits.com/) before (due to budgets) but I am really looking forward to attending which is just over a week away. The Data Platform has evolved so much and this is the chance to get some quality training under my belt especially in areas I know I need a “refresh” in.

I will be attending all 3 paid days, more specifically for the training days I am registered for: SQL Server on Linux-A Brave New World (Joey D’Antoni) and Modern SQL Server Availability Storage Solutions (Allan Hirt), need I say more about these guys?! For the Friday looking at the lesson schedule I have no idea what I am going to do, the schedule is PACKED full of world-class speakers. When the event has finished I will do a quick recap on the event so keep an eye out for that. It will be honest and straight to the point.

Hopefully I will get to meet some people and finally put a face next to the name, if you see me stop me and say hi… that’s what I will be doing to others.


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