Microsoft MVP!?

What? Is probably the most common reply out there and if it is then that is how I felt when I read the message early Thursday morning.


My ultimate goal in my professional life was to work for Microsoft, you can read about my failed attempt here but since then I decided to put a lot of my energy into work outside of my day to day job.

I never really sort to get the MVP title, honestly I never really believed achieving it was possible. I just let my passion flow, let it all out and never thought about it. I always knew I wasn’t normal, I mean who else scribbles DBCC CHECKDB commands on the shower door whilst showering? I am not the most talented out there but I am not afraid of hard work.

I don’t know how you get this award but I thank Microsoft and the MVP team for recognizing little me.

I am thankful to everyone that has ever peer-reviewed my work (Wayne Sheffield, Gail Shaw, Erin Stellato, Hugo Kornelis) to Shane O’Neill (my first reader) and Raul Gonzalez who I met 2 years ago at SQLskills IE1 who actually told me to start doing more in the community and Paul Randal who was my mentor back in 2015.

Thanks to Brent Ozar too – whenever I get linked to his weekly email it brings in a new audience for me.

(If I have missed you out – sorry I didn’t mean to)

Whoever thought that this would happen? I never!


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