I have a new Passion

Yes, I like to blog, maybe slightly more on Azure than SQL Server. I enjoy it and it probably explains why I do about 70 posts a year. I am happy for every single reader even though my numbers are not elite I see growth and this is what motivates me to write during those late nights.


There is something else I prefer to do than blogging.

I love being part of something and I get the most satisfaction from giving input and testing out new upcoming features of SQL Server and Azure SQL Database. I am lucky enough to have stumbled across Microsoft’ internal yammer groups where I have used this to try and get a head start on new up-coming things, formally this is called Azure Advisors Group and SQL Advisors Group. It is all NDA based so I can’t discuss anything but I promise you it is VERY exciting.

Don’t forget I also had a blast working on Adaptive Query Processing 10 months ago and I am hoping to get involved even more with the product.

I haven’t forgot about the SQLskills waits library. SQL Server 2017 is with us so there is still plenty to do. This project is a favourite of mine. Why? What more motivation does one need when you are helping (by helping I mean gathering data) out the legend Paul Randal? I use the extended events sessions in my day to day job and just let it run in the background and I query them now and again to see if there are any new call stacks.

See a common theme? So if my writing schedule slows down in the future it’s not because I am lazy, I am just having fun elsewhere.


Thanks for reading.

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