Deleting Azure SQL Database VNETs

This is quite a new feature (currently in preview) but an important one where we now have the ability to  isolate connectivity to a database to only a given subnet or set of subnets within your VNET. This is not a theory based blog post but a practical one, setting them up is easy but deleting them via the portal is a totally different experience.

This is what my VNETs look like, this is found within the Firewall / Virtual Networks server level setting.


If you decide that you need to delete the rule you would naturally click the 3-dotted button (on the right) and hit delete, well you would think that! I get a generic error. After a conversation with Azure Support the only way I could delete this was via Azure Cloud Shell.

The error: ErrorMessage: The subscription ‘00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000’ could not be found.

Here is how you do it. Click that >_ Button.


If you have not used this before you will get a message around the requirement of storage.


You will need to create a storage area for the files to be held. Once done we are ready to remove VNETs.


Run the below to confirm that you are in the correct subscription. This is very handy when / if you have multiple subscriptions.

az account show


Change subscription if needed, below I am switching to PlayArea.

az account set -s PlayArea

Then the DELETE VNET command.

az sql server vnet-rule delete -n VNET_Production -g AK_Test -s sql-01

Check the VNET section and they will be removed – Its obviously broken functionality via the Portal.


Hopefully you find this post useful.


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