Azure SQL Database Migrating across Tiers

A quick post today about moving across database tiers. As you can see below I have a General Purpose Serverless Gen 5 1 vCore database (currently paused). Can I move this back to a DTU based model?


Let’s test this. Within the configure page I select DTUs.


I try a downgrade.


As you can see, it is flexible, you are not stuck moving between tiers. The only route that is not possible is if you have moved to Hyperscale and decide that you want to move back to a different one.

You can’t.


This is worth remembering.


6 thoughts on “Azure SQL Database Migrating across Tiers

    • Hi john, good question. I dont know the “official” answer but I might find out. Im guessing its the very different underlying architecture they use for it. Only way they say is via data movement technologies (Bulk Copy, Azure Data Factory, Azure Databricks, SSIS, etc.) Bacpac export/import from Azure portal… ouch.


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