Azure Redis Cache and Geo-replication

The concept of a geo-replicated partnership between a primary and secondary node is very similar to that of something you may have seen with Azure SQL DB, where the primary handles all R/W and then the changes are pushed to secondary ( async). This is no different with Redis.

First important concept, you must have premium across both nodes and you cannot use the persistence feature, if you are you will get the below warning.

So I disable this and refresh the replication screen and see the very familiar map / zones.

Quite simply you click on the + Add cache replication link and work through the wizard. This does assume you have the second Redis cache built and ready.

You cannot do this if:

  • Trying to go across-subscription
  • If you are using Standard tier
  • This will fail if you try link more than 2 caches.
  • If your secondary cache is smaller than the primary then it wont work, it has to the same or larger than primary. ( P1, P2 etc)

2 thoughts on “Azure Redis Cache and Geo-replication

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