A New MVP Led Training Initiative – Cloud Formations

Hello Readers – I wanted to make sure those who follow my blog have heard about the new MVP led training initiative started by Paul Andrew (@mrpaulandrew). It’s called Cloud Formations (@CloudFormsLtd) and seems to be positioned to follow in the footsteps of what ex-MVP, turned Microsoft Program Manager Chris Webb (@cwebb_bi) once did with Technitrain. For those old enough to remember from Chris’ blog archive: https://blog.crossjoin.co.uk/category/technitrain/

Now, the same expert led training is available on various topics. Check out their website and events they currently have planned here: https://www.cloudformations.org/

The value here for attendee’s is that MVPs generally aren’t trainers (which is a good thing), they are people like me passionate about technology and sharing that knowledge with the wider community. Paul could be on to something calling it a knowledge transfer session because that is what you get from an MVP, knowledge based on experience of using the technology first hand. From the trenches if you like. Not just some theory translated into PowerPoint slides via Microsoft Docs.

So if you want to learn about the Data Platform, from Power BI to Azure Bicep – go click the link above!

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