SQL Bite-Size Podcasts are live!

Well, after many late nights I have finally produced a set of podcasts – Bite size style – therefore called SQL Bite Size podcasts.

They have been developed on iTunes U for iOS/ OSX but I will be porting over to this website too over the coming weeks – If you have an Apple device the access code for the course is FLM-WHC-ARA.

They are a beginner series with the following outline:

(1) Fundamental concepts of SQL Server

  • SQL versions and editions
  • ACID properties
  • Data files
  • Authentication modes
  • System Databases
  • SQL Agent
  • SQL configuration

(2) Basics of Security

  • SQL Authentication
  • Windows Authentication
  • Database Roles
  • Server Roles

(3) Backup and Recovery Models

  • Backup Types
  • Recovery Models
  • Tail-Log Backups
  • Backup Strategy

(4) SQL Indexing

  • Clustered Index
  • Non-Clustered Index
  • Fragmentation
  • Fragmentation Solutions

(5) Introduction to Azure

  • Cloud Computing Introduction
  • IaaS
  • PaaS
  • Data Migration Techniques