SQL Performance Dashboards – update

SQL Server Performance Dashboards – update

The first article that I ever wrote (http://www.sqlservercentral.com/articles/SQL+Server/127992/) was last year where I wanted to share with people a project that took me many late nights to complete. The idea of using Microsoft’s performance reports where I modified them and centralised it and presented it via SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services).

I made the whole solution available at CodePlex https://sqldashboards.codeplex.com/ . It has been 6 months now and I have reached over 500 downloads (I guess it’s better than 50 downloads) so I thought I would let you know on some tweaks that I hopefully will make next year.

Memory Metric

I built a dedicated area for tracking memory – this was tough as the DMVs changed after 2008R2 so I needed that dual support capability. Anyways, 1 tweak I will make will be around PLE. I used a “magic” number; you can guess what I used right? I will be changing it to the following (as discussed by Paul http://sqlperformance.com/2014/10/sql-performance/knee-jerk-page-life-expectancy – actually Jonathan Kehayias’s formulae)

(Buffer pool memory in GB / 4) x 300

Security section

From the main dashboard I am aiming to push the server parameter to a new page to present a section on SQL security – more specifically:

  • Login overview
  • Server role information
  • SQL Login policies
  • Database ownership

What else would you want to see?