Copying your SQL Database

If you ever need to move a copy of a  SQL database in Azure across servers then here is a quick easy way.

So let’s say you need to take a copy of database called [Rack] within Subscription A that is on server ABCSQL1 and name it database [NewRack] within subscription B on server called RBARSQL1 (The SQL Servers are in totally different data centers too).

Connect to the server (destination) within subscription B – as you can see no SQL databases.


Using a login which has permission on both source and destination server you need to issue the following when on the destination server (RBARSQL1) under the master database:


Then do not forget about your SQL logins too.


If you try a fully qualified server name it will fail because it seems to append the ‘’ automatically!

For example:

AS COPY OF [].[Rack]

Error message: The remote partner server name ‘‘ could not be resolved.


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