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Azure SQL Managed Instance – Maintenance Windows

A post close to my heart, Azure SQL Managed Instance, I have blogged about this many times but I feel I should be sharing more details about this. One important topic – Maintenance windows.

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Azure Redis Cache – Persistent Data

I mentioned before that you could use the idea of data persistency to rebuild your data from total failure. There are two types. RDB and AOF.

RDB – persists a snapshot of your cache in a binary format. The snapshot is saved in an Azure Storage account. AOF – saves every write operation to a log. The log is saved at least once per second into an Azure Storage account. 

This is quite an in-depth topic area and I suggest further reading to determine which one suits you: https://redis.io/topics/persistence#aof-disadvantages

To set this up you will see data persistence section within your Redis Cache

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Microsoft Defender for open-source relational DB

If you navigate to the overview section of your MySQL server you will see a notification area, here you will find security section. It’s basically an area to provide some hints / tips if things have not been configured such as if you have not enabled query store it may well suggest it. For this blog it is suggesting I consider a feature called Microsoft Defender.

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MySQL server Query Store

The query store, sounds familiar? The idea of the black box sitting within the database server watching what is going on within the environment. This is available within MySQL, maybe not as feature rich as SQL Server but still useful.

You will find this option under the Query performance insight section of your MySQL server.

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