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I am passionate about using Microsoft Technology. Specialising in the Data Platform leveraging the power of Microsoft Azure – SQL server, Azure SQL DB, Azure SQL DW, Elastic Pools, Managed Instances, Azure Databricks, basically anything about data!

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Intro to AKS – Azure Kubernetes Service

What is Azure Kubernetes Service? Probably makes sense to tell you what Kubernetes is first. As Kubernetes states themselves “also known as K8s, is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.” If you want to dig into the depths then head over to Andrew – http://www.dbafromthecold.com

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Azure Container Instance and SQL server

Being heavily involved with Microsoft Azure and database technologies it was only a matter of time that I would enter the world of Azure Container Instances (ACI). The same could be said about AKS – Azure Kubernetes Services, but that for I have used this technology to deploy ML models to. Anyways, going back to ACI – why would you be interested?

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Azure SQL Database – Cancel Scale Up Request

You have an Azure SQL Database, it could be a single database, it could be a primary database within a failover group. Regardless of the context, what would you do if you need to upgrade the compute tier for the database but then you decide you no longer want to do this and want to immediately cancel it? In the past people just let the system carry out the task then once complete, rollback.

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Azure SQL Database Restore to different server

It is quite a common requirement to restore a copy of a database to the same Azure SQL server, you just issue a COPY OF command. What if you need to restore a copy to a different target Azure SQL server? Well its similar, just with a slight difference in that you need to refer back to the source server within your code.

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Snowflake in Azure

Being aligned to a global cloud like Microsoft Azure you have choices. Whether that is Azure SQL Database or Azure Database for MySQL for your relational database, it does not matter that is down to you are your design choices. The point here is that Azure has variations and flexibility with so many choices and this is no different within the “Big Data” analytics space.

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Azure SQL – Saving Costs

When moving to a cloud model for your database stack no doubt you will be involved in a costing exercise. The good news is if you have Software Assurance with your existing licenses then expect some cost savings when moving to the cloud. You can save up to 70% cost when compared to a pay as you go model.

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