Azure SQL Managed Instance – Cost Saving!

We all would like to save money when operating in the cloud, Microsoft has released a stop / start concept for SQL Managed Instances – preview mode!

At the time of writing, the Managed Instance needs to be built from the November wave where you will see the functionality in the overview section and it has to be in the General purpose tier. If you have managed links or failover groups then you cant use this feature.

The state of the Managed Instance can be in these forms:

To get to a stopped state it takes 5 minutes. However to boot this back up you need to give it 20 mins. So probably best fit for Dev workloads. This is a common requirement, save costs on dev compute. To use this you could stop / start via Azure Portal, PoSh / Azure Automation scripts.

Using the portal is easy, you can even build the schedule per day as shown below.

It is worth further analysis – please see this link for more details.


3 thoughts on “Azure SQL Managed Instance – Cost Saving!

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  3. Greetings of the Day Team, your content on “Azure SQL Managed Instance – Cost Saving!” The explanation about your SQL-managed instance was good, and the link you provided is handy for me to understand it clearly. Thanks for Sharing your guidance.


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