Snowflake Classic UI vs Snowsight

This blog post is not about which User Interface is better, Classic or Snowsight – If anyone does want my feedback on what I like and don’t like about them then I might do another blog post but the aim here today is to show you how to load the classic one as the default experience because when you login to snowflake the snowsight UI is the default one..

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Azure VM Types

There are many different family groups for Azure VMs each with its own purpose. Below is a summary of what can be selected. This is important because for example if you are running complex OLTP database servers then very likely you will go for Memory optimised machines, right? We know SQL server loves RAM. Any ways here is the list:

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MySQL server Query Store

The query store, sounds familiar? The idea of the black box sitting within the database server watching what is going on within the environment. This is available within MySQL, maybe not as feature rich as SQL Server but still useful.

You will find this option under the Query performance insight section of your MySQL server.

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Azure DB for MySQL – Storage v1 vs v2

When it comes to MySQL and storage you will normally have to decide on 3 options: basic, general purpose v1 or v2.

Basic does support up to 1TB and is low-cost option but has no IOPs guarantee, not really recommended for production systems. General purpose v2 should be the one used because it uses latest storage infrastructure which can support up to 16-TB and 20000 IOPs a shown below.

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