Microsoft MVP!?

What? Is probably the most common reply out there and if it is then that is how I felt when I read the message early Thursday morning.


My ultimate goal in my professional life was to work for Microsoft, you can read about my failed attempt here but since then I decided to put a lot of my energy into work outside of my day to day job.

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Welcome to BlobEater


I have a passion for Microsoft Azure and SQL Server technology. I am a frequent writer where my articles have been published on SQL Server Central and Microsoft TechNet. During 2017 I worked with the Microsoft SQL Server product team on testing the vNext adaptive query processing feature and other Azure product groups. I am also a member of Microsoft’s Azure Advisors and SQL Advisors groups, as well as a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert on the Data Platform.


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My take on presenting

This idea basically started from Andy Bek’s TSQL Tuesday last year #84 growing new speakers ( – thanks Andy) and I have decided to share my experiences about what was going on in my head for when I was prepping for my first presentation for my local user group.

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