SQL Server Tracking Suspect Pages

Did you know that SQL Server tracks suspect pages and puts the details into the msdb database in a table called suspect_pages? Well it does, but the question I want answering is what happens if the page within the suspect pages table is fixed? Does it automatically get removed/updated or do we as the administrators have to do anything manually?

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SQL Server Recovering Data via a Hex Editor

I got bored (really bored) one weekend I decided to challenge myself.  I had corruption within a specific table (localised within a page) with no backups handy only an old image of the data files. The challenge being salvage data without attaching the data files.

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SQL Server Internals

If you like learning about internals use the undocumented function to get the FileID:PageID of your table rows and use that in DBCC PAGE.

SELECT sys.fn_PhysLocFormatter (%%physloc%%)
FROM Person.EmailAddress;



Now set your trace flag on and read the contents of DBCC PAGE to satisfy your curiosity.