Azure SQL Database – Error Logs?

Ok, so Azure SQL doesn’t really have its own error log based somewhere on a machine within \\MSSQL\Log directory but the closest thing you will get is a system catalog view called sys.event_log which is very useful. It will get you information about all sort of event types such as:

  • Successful connections
  • Failed connections
  • Throttling issues
  • Blocked by firewall attempts
  • Connection termination

I used this code against the master database.

SELECT database_name,start_time,end_time,event_type, severity =
CASE Severity
WHEN 0 THEN 'Informational'
ELSE 'No Data Avaliable'
FROM sys.event_log

ORDER BY start_time DESC

So here I was just looking for errors relating to login failures.



4 thoughts on “Azure SQL Database – Error Logs?

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