Azure Cloud “Fear” Busting #2 – Seeking for Better Performance

We all want high performing applications and when you are in the cloud that is no different, if anything it is even more important. With this post I will discuss some areas where I have been “stung” by so you can learn from my mistakes when using Azure SQL Database. Then I will dedicate a section on what tools you can use to help with your performance tuning exercises.

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Blog Series: Azure Cloud “Fear” Busting


I have decided to do a 4-part series on Cloud “Fear Busting” scenarios. Why? Over the past few years working with the cloud (Azure) I have come across 4 main “fears” or “concerns” that stand out in my mind that people have highlighted when adopting cloud technology for their database tier. Each “fear” with form a blog post where I am hoping that after reading each post you will be “less” fearful. More specifically I will be looking at these topic areas:

  • I have security fears for SQL Database.
  • Performance Issues that I faced – Learn from my mistakes.
  • There is no going back – can I get the data back?
  • I’m a DBA – Will I lose control?

Hopefully you will join me.

Azure Robots – Index Performance Recommendation

They are watching me and my Azure SQL Database and recently I noticed a low impact performance recommendation was made. Naturally I became very interested. Within your database (when in the portal) under operations you may notice something similar to the below:

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AD Authentication and Azure SQL Database

Setting up AD authentication with Azure SQL Database sounds simple, it is assuming you plan carefully. I did run into issues but once rectified it felt great using AD authentication in Azure rather than just SQL logins.

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Microsoft Data Platform is changing – so am I

This month’s T-SQL Tuesday entry hosted by Koen Verbeeck (, a blog post about how we feel about the ever changing times within our technology space. Personally I love this new era of cloud computing and do not feel threatened in anyway.


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Azure: SQL Database Elastic Pool and using Elastic Jobs

I want to show you how I went from having multiple single SQL databases in Azure to a database elastic pool within a new dedicated SQL Server. Once setup I create and use elastic jobs. This post is long but I am sure you will find it useful.

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Azure – SQL Database Premium RS

A very quick post for today, I was navigating my way through the Azure portal within my SQL databases section and came across an edition that I had never seen before and I became very intrigued. It is called Premium RS (currently in preview mode) meaning we now have four tiers to select from – basic, standard, premium and premium RS.

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Copying your SQL Database

If you have created a SQL Database in Azure (PaaS) and need to make a copy of it on the same server I will show you how via a quick method.

When connected to your master database execute the following: It creates SAP2 based on SAP.


To track the progress you can use the following query.

SELECT * FROM sys.dm_database_copies
WHERE partner_database = 'SAP2'


Replication state 1 means seeding, this means that the SAP2 database has not yet completely synchronised with the original database. 0 means pending, which means that the copy is being prepared.

Once this has completed you can check sys.databases to confirm that the database has successful been created.

SELECT * FROM sys.databases
WHERE name = 'SAP2'


If you really want you can query sys.dm_operation_status to see the operations that have been performed on a database. I would expect to see some sort of operation around copying on my original database.

SELECT * FROM sys.dm_operation_status   WHERE major_resource_id = 'SAP'
ORDER BY start_time DESC;


If you are interested in other Azure based SQL queries check out an older post of mine: