Whirlwind Tour of DBCC CHECKDB (1hour)
Database maintenance in SQL Server is done to guard against data loss and performance issues, with each of the tasks (backups, index and statistics management, and integrity checks) serving a specific purpose. One could argue that integrity checks are the second-most important task (behind backups) and it is essential to know if and where database corruption exists. If you run integrity checks and don’t truly understand what they do, or you’re a seasoned DBA who wants to understand them better, then this session is for you. In this session we will look at the evolution of CHECKDB, we will dig into the CHECKDB command in detail, how to confirm successful execution and we will discuss some best practice recommendations.


Whirlwind Tour of Azure SQL Database (1hour)
Azure SQL Database is a general-purpose relational database service in Microsoft Azure. With Microsoft’s cloud-first strategy, the newest capabilities of SQL Server are released first to Azure SQL Database and then to SQL Server itself. During this entry level presentation you will get to see the differences in security, high availability, performance, and monitoring of this cloud-first solution. You will also learn about the different service tiers and performance levels that are specific to Azure SQL Database and learn about the different methods that you could use to migrate to Azure.