Snowflake Classic UI vs Snowsight

This blog post is not about which User Interface is better, Classic or Snowsight – If anyone does want my feedback on what I like and don’t like about them then I might do another blog post but the aim here today is to show you how to load the classic one as the default experience because when you login to snowflake the snowsight UI is the default one..

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Cloning in Snowflake

Cloning is a powerful feature within snowflake (also known as zero copy clone). You can obviously clone at the database or schema level but also tables too. It’s a snapshot of the object when the clone was taken. Its uses pointers to reference back to the original database but it will have its own micro-partitions when you start updating the clone so that is a cost you will need to consider; they are separate objects.

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Using Snowflake – Hands On

Now let’s start the process of creating a snowflake account in the Azure Cloud. You can sign up for a free trial from here – I am going to bypass this and go straight to the setup screens. (This is slightly different because as an org-admin I have the power to create accounts)

Select the cloud provider and edition you require; we have already discussed these options before. You know me, its going to be Azure but feel free to dive into AWS or GCP.

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Snowflake Data Cloud

Time to shift gears away from the world of relational databases whether that is in the cloud, on-prem, Linux-based, containers or even sitting within Kubernetes. Everyone has heard of Synapse. They face stiff competition from the likes of Snowflake. Snowflake does not really have this concept of Control and compute nodes like within the Microsoft world to build out this MPP based architecture.

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