Getting my Twitter Data via Azure Logic Apps

As a mini project I wanted to use Azure logic apps to pull tweets from my twitter account when people were tweeting about #Azure / #Microsoft. From here I used cognitive services – sentiment analysis API which returns a numeric score between 0 and 1. Scores close to 1 indicate a positive sentiment and scores close to 0 indicate a negative sentiment. Then I wanted to put that data into an Azure SQL Database table and link it to Power BI because I wanted to see where in the world tweets were coming from and with what score.

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A Basic Bot using Azure Bot Services

I wanted to break out my comfort levels and do something different from Azure SQL Database or straight SQL Server. I really did try something new and created a Chat Bot using Azure’s Bot Service. Warning: I am a DBA by day (and night) so this is a fun post where I am trying out different areas of Azure so I apologise if you find this too basic – its Christmas lets have some fun!

It is split across two parts. First you have to create a knowledge base which I did via the QnA Maker tool. Then secondly you use this knowledge base and link it to your Azure Bot Service.

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SSMS and MFA support for Azure SQL DB

Quite a mouth full for a title but never the less very exciting. With the new version of SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) 17.2 You now have the option to use Azure AD authentication for Universal Authentication with Multi-factor authentication (MFA) enabled, by that I mean use a login via SSMS that is enabled for MFA where below I will show you the two step verification using a push notification to my iPhone. (Yes iPhone I love it)

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Azure App Service Companion for iOS

This has absolutely nothing to do with SQL Server, it actually has nothing to do with data but I felt like blogging about it.

I saw an announcement recently and I was intrigued by it. All my excitement was over Azure App Service Companion support for iOS where you can have the ability to manage your Azure apps via your phone (its basic monitoring but having this can be pretty handy).

Stepping back a bit, App service is a PaaS offering from Microsoft giving you the ability to create web/mobile apps. More details found here –

I created a demo website (underlying resources created in the US), the classic coffee shop from Microsoft and I wanted to see how this links to App Service Companion on my shiny new iPhone.

At a high level you have the ability to monitor your app and view custom built alerts based on status of your app – Let’s look at my setup.

Get to the app store and download it – App Service Companion will be installed as shown below.


Click it and enter your Azure details


It will now load your subscription details


It will / should pick up your web apps – the funny looking string of numbers is my website.


Below shows general information about your web app – nothing ground breaking here.


The next couple of screen shots show Requests by the minute and Average response times for my web app.


Navigation through the app is very smooth, it’s well developed and I think it will be a handy tool for monitoring on the go for your Azure apps. It is nice to see quality applications built by Microsoft for iOS. Imagine this capability for your Azure SQL database, I know I would use it.