Scaling SQL Elastic Pools

There are a few ways to scale a SQL elastic pool. For this blog post I show you how to scale up. It can be done via the Azure portal and Azure PowerShell but not T-SQL.

I would say the PowerShell route is the easiest. Connect to your account and issue the below code. Here I am going from a 100 edtu pool to a massive 2000 edtu pool whilst tweaking the min/max setting.



Below shows the current spec of my elastic pool.

Get-AzSqlElasticPool -ResourceGroupName "AKS_PROD" -ServerName "smarties"



Use Set-AzSqlElasticPool to make the changes to whatever you desire.

Set-AzSqlElasticPool -ResourceGroupName "AKS_PROD" -ServerName "smarties" -ElasticPoolName "jumbo" -Dtu 2000 -DatabaseDtuMax 100 -DatabaseDtuMin 20

While the update is happening connect to the server via SSMS and you can check the progress.

SELECT * FROM sys.dm_operation_status
WHERE state_desc = 'IN_PROGRESS'


Get-AzSqlElasticPool -ResourceGroupName "AKS_PROD" -ServerName "smarties"



Then a final confirmation of the update.

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