Using Microsoft Azure – Twitter Analysis

Time for a fun post, I have been working on a mini-project using technology from Microsoft Azure to hook into Arsenal FC public twitter feed to analyse what was being said about this great football club. (Yes I support Arsenal)

The Technology used? Azure Logic Apps, Cognitive Services, Azure SQL Database, T-SQL scripts and Power BI. While not quite real time I got Azure Logic Apps to poll their account every 2 minutes.

So what did I find ( when executed on Monday) ?

Firstly, Arsene Wenger, TH14, PEA14 and the carabao cup were popular hash tags! (Good game last night by the way).


I also found out generally that most tweets / RTs were positive using Cognitive services to assign a sentiment score for tweets.


Then I wrote some code to split the message to find #hashtags for each poster, as you can see  many accounts were talking about TH14 and PEA14 at the same time, I wonder why 🙂


This shows you how an unskilled person like me can build stuff in Azure. Give it a go yourself.



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