Microsoft Data Platform is changing – so am I

This month’s T-SQL Tuesday entry hosted by Koen Verbeeck (, a blog post about how we feel about the ever changing times within our technology space. Personally I love this new era of cloud computing and do not feel threatened in anyway.


Let’s apply this to Microsoft Azure which I have been using for 2 years now, personally there are more tools for me to use and understand and I generally need a broader understanding of other IT subjects too – think Azure Virtual Networking to  PowerShell.

With the robots rising I admit it takes away the “core” components that I used to care about like backups, high availability ( for SQL database anyways) and you can even do auto-create indexes  (even though I don’t like this option) BUT it does not take me away from query tuning and reading execution plans.

Ok, the developers could probably do this too but I am a jack of all trades so I am lucky that I can stick my fat fingers in loads of tasty pies.

So, let’s dive in and see an example of how I use new tools and techniques to my advantage within Azure i.e. see how I have adapted. Imagine the following scenario, you take a call and people are complaining about the performance of an application where the back-end is an Azure SQL Database I immediately login to the database via the portal.

I load up Query performance insight (which is found under support + troubleshooting) and decide to focus my attention on the blue bar below.


This ultimately maps to Query ID 297 where if you click the bar you can see the actual code.


Now, a debate occurred. This code was pretty awful, implicit conversions, GUIDs as cluster keys etc. I took the above code and analysed the execution plan and made some recommendations. I was quickly shut down; I was told to bump up the DTU of the database! Talk about masking the issue with hardware.

So I did this.

You need to navigate to Monitoring node > Database Size.


A “slider” button to increase the power. By the way what is a DTU? See this outstanding blog post


Now, this is a quick example of how I am being used, another example which I could’ve written about is when I was asked to recover a database after a mistake via the built-in backups. So, as you can see, either way I am still needed for the time being, that is until I land my dream job. I don’t really see everything moving to the cloud, more so a hybrid concept.

“A wise man adapts himself to circumstances, as water shapes itself to the vessel that contains it”. –Chinese Proverb

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