SQL Server Wait Types Library – UPGRADED!

Have you heard of SQLskills? Have you heard of the waits library? If not then where have you been hiding?

I was online and noticed a tweet from the main man himself – Paul Randal where he did a blog post on the waits library go check it out here: https://www.sqlskills.com/blogs/paul/waits-library-now-has-infographics-from-sentryone-monitored-instances/. Quite simply Paul (along with his team) and the SentryOne team have added visualisations to the library – THIS IS HUGE AND BEAUTIFUL!

Sometimes a picture speaks a thousand words and now you will get to know via visualisations how common a specific wait type is. So thank you SQLskills and SentryOne – This library has just got better (which I didn’t think it could).



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