Azure – What is a Shared Access Signature?

Using a Shared Access Signature (SAS) is usually the best way to control access rights to Azure storage resources (like a container for backups) without exposing the primary / secondary storage keys. It is based on a URI and this is what I want to look at today.

I always use the Azure Storage Explorer to build a SAS token. Let’s dig into what the different parts mean.


  • In red is the start time (ST) and expiry time (SE) for the access.
  • In blue SP = permissions assigned, for this example being read, write, delete and list.
  • In green, SV is the storage version in use.
  • Dark blue is SR which is the service resource accessed, c = container.
  • Orange is SIG, used to authenticate to the resource.

All combined gives the unique URI.


3 thoughts on “Azure – What is a Shared Access Signature?

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