Training – Learning Data Science

You should never stop learning, especially within the IT industry. There are many fields to move into nowadays within the data space, you still have your classic / cloud DBA roles (crossing over to roles such as data engineer) and development roles too. Looking at the industry I see things like Big Data and Data Science becoming more popular. This led me to the Microsoft Professional Program where I spent my time completing the Big Data track – unfortunately it will be retired by Microsoft.

I wanted to find something else, more generic with theory-based background as well as learning the software practical skills in my own time. I researched and found A well-structured course made up of both videos and lecture notes to get to grips with data science. All the topics covered are those that you would expect – spreadsheets (excel) , probability, statistics, SQL, python and R. I am not saying you will become an expert over night, but you will become more confident with the different topics.

If you are interested in this training check click the logo below for discounted rates.



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