Azure SQL Managed Instance – Premium Tier

In case you are not aware Microsoft have now deployed a new change to SQL Managed Instances within the tier types. In certain regions ( shown later) you can select something different to that of gen 5 hardware now called standard – more specifically premium series where you have 2 options as shown below – a much wanted request!

Both are based on the Intel Ice Lake architecture and the difference between them is the amount of RAM per vcore, something that I personally felt was lacking in the past, we all know the relationship between RAM and SQL server it self, so this makes sense.

No point in cutting and pasting the article from Microsoft, go take a look:

But to highlight some things:

  1. This is in preview mode and it is free for November – just look at the costings when building one! My 8vCore costs $0 Prices will obviously change after this month, I suggest looking at the Azure Calculator because they have updated it.

2. Only available in the following regions:

3. P series Memory optimised has a max core count of 64 whereas the others are 80 cores

4. Max storage for premium memory optimised business critical is 16TB, for general purpose it is 16TB, for normal premium tier business critical it is 5.5TB and 16TB if using general purpose tier.

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