SQL Server DBCC CHECKDB – Going Parallel

DBCC CHECKDB has the ability to perform parallel checking of objects. However, it absolutely depends on the edition of SQL Server, it only happens when using enterprise edition.

Let’s see this in action. I propose the following tests for this blog post:

  • Test on a SQL Server Enterprise Edition.
  • Test on a non-enterprise edition of SQL Server.

I don’t have 2017 Enterprise at hand but I do have 2014 Enterprise and Express handy so it makes sense to use these versions for my “experiment”.

Let’s look at the express edition first.

I run CHECKDB in 1 window and track it via a session_id using the following query taken from (Note: this is NOT my query – credit to the author in the link): https://www.brentozar.com/archive/2014/11/many-cpus-parallel-query-using-sql-server

DBCC CHECKDB ('AdventureWorks2020')


Each scheduler is mapped to a vCPU on my machine. Taking a step back, I have 4 vCPUs so you will see the 4 schedulers utilised if the CHECKDB goes parallel (assuming I haven’t changed anything like processor affinity masking etc) – which obviously needs Enterprise edition.

So moving over to the Enterprise:


DBCC CHECKDB ('AdventureWorks2020')

Using the same query above we get parallelism – look at the colour boxes.


If I change MAXDOP to 2 you will see a slight difference:

DBCC CHECKDB ('AdventureWorks2020') WITH MAXDOP = 2


If you don’t like parallel checks, then you can disable it by using Trace Flag 2528

DBCC TRACEON (2528,-1)
DBCC CHECKDB ('AdventureWorks2020')


What part of CHECKDB goes parallel?

Based on my findings it looks like DBCC CHECKTABLE does.





DBCC CHECKTABLE ('dbo.continue')


Remember you can overrule parallelism for DBCC CHECKTABLE with the above trace flag too, if you really want to.



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