New Improved Azure Elastic Jobs

There is a new way to setup Azure elastic jobs to run against a target group of databases (targeting an elastic pool). I actually found the process quite messy ( especially when trying to setup all the security access via T-SQL). Setting it up via the Azure portal is not currently an option. The first element remains the same, the need to create a “Job database”. This is the central database, think of it as the master. (Not really the master database in SQL Server but holds a lot of metadata etc) Then you need to define the group (usually the elastic pool), create credentials for access and then the job itself.

What do I suggest you do here then? The answer is Azure PowerShell. Before you begin and follow the guide online found here

I had to tweak what the online documents stated in terms of updating my PowerShell to get all the latest updates. I suggest that you do the same when running a session as administrator.

# Installs the latest PackageManagement powershell package which PowershellGet v1.6.5 is dependent on
Find-Package PackageManagement -RequiredVersion | Install-Package -Force

# Installs the latest PowershellGet module which adds the -AllowPrerelease flag to Install-Module
Find-Package PowerShellGet -RequiredVersion 1.6.5 | Install-Package -Force

# Places Az.Sql preview cmdlets side by side with existing Az.Sql version
Install-Module -Name Az.Sql -RequiredVersion 1.1.1-preview -AllowPrerelease

# Confirm if module successfully imported - if the imported version is 1.1.1, then continue
Get-Module Az.Sql

#Import and install 4.8.1
Install-Module -Name AzureRM.Sql -AllowPrerelease -RequiredVersion 4.8.1-preview -Force 

Import-Module AzureRM.Sql -RequiredVersion 4.8.1

#Enable your subscription
Register-AzProviderFeature -FeatureName sqldb-JobAccounts -ProviderNamespace Microsoft.Sql

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