Moving Databases into Azure SQL Elastic Pools

Quite a simple requirement (when I needed it a few months ago). Study my Azure SQL database environment below.


As you can see I have a standard elastic pool which has 7 databases within it. I also have CloudDB and CRMDB that are single databases but not yet part of my elastic pool. How do I move them into it?

Follow these steps.

  1. Find SQL elastic pools via the left menu navigation bar and click into it.


2. Click Configure Pool.


3. Click Add databases option.


4. Select the databases needed.


It will change to a pending state.


Click SAVE – I used to miss this basic part and used to sit and stare at the screen wondering why it was still in a pending state!

save pool

Then once complete it will disappear – Simple. Connect to the master database via SSMS – (SQL Server Management Studio) and execute this query to understand how long the move will take.

SELECT * FROM sys.dm_operation_status

WHERE state_desc = 'IN_PROGRESS'





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