Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud

Microsoft and Oracle recently announced a joint cloud partnership (I have seen the word multi/cross-cloud to explain this) which I found very fascinating to read. It is currently in preview and the idea is to have an integrated cloud experience between Oracle Cloud and Microsoft Azure. A private dedicated connection is obviously needed and whilst knowing more about Azure, looking at the below diagram it makes sense (from an architecture POV) as the Oracle equivalent of ExpressRoute is FastConnect which is needed.



Like me you are probably thinking why are these two major competing giants joining up offering this hybrid service? Well, obviously cloud computing is a lucrative business, the figures don’t lie so my hunch is that both Microsoft and Oracle want to dig into this space more by teaming up thus giving more choice for customers, especially those hybrid ones.

Does it blur the lines though? I mean when should you go through with Oracle Autonomous Database over Azure SQL Database for your back-end tier? I guess in comes down to what you are currently running and your standards. Maybe if your stack includes Apache Tomcat, Java App and Azure SQL Database then this could be your route. I have read on the oracle blog site that they see common deployments involving, for example, Oracle RAC with web tiers in Azure. You could say going this way you will get the best of both clouds.

What are your thoughts on Multi/cross-cloud?




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