Azure SQL Database and Backups

Question, can you take a built-in backup ( a backup that Microsoft takes as part of the service) and create a new database from it on a NEW server in a different region?

Let’s find out.

I have 2 logical SQL servers, both in different regions, West Europe and UK South.


Within milkyway I have few databases, can I for this example create from a backup cloudDB over on testeraks?


What you need to do it go to the TARGET server (testeraks) and click create database.


Then within the create wizard you need to look for additional settings.


Here you select the data source as a backup.


It will use the most RECENT GEO-REPLICATED backup. It will takes couple of minutes to build the list of backups for you.


And there it is. You can.



2 thoughts on “Azure SQL Database and Backups

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