Scaling your Azure SQL Managed Instance

No doubt there will be times where you need to scale up the actual instance in terms of vCores but also you may want to move across tiers (for example General Purpose to Business Critical). If you remember a few blog posts ago I said it was really important to plan for these activities during the build phase, more specifically get the subnet range right. If you done that then you will be fine.

So how do you do this? Easy. Let’s start with the Azure Portal.

Click the compute + storage link which will take you to the main configuration page as shown below.

Yes, you go and do the reverse if needed too (i.e., go back from 8 vCores to 4). It is not instant and my testing states it can take about 20minutes.

As a side note, if you click on the activity log you will see a mode feature called change analysis, this will drill down to what actual setting is changing or has changed.

Above example is when I was moving from 4 cores to 8.


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