SQL Server Memory Metrics

A very quick post for today, recently I have been working on some code to gather metrics around SQL Server memory, more specifically, how much memory is on your server, your total / target memory and PLE. (If you want to know more about total vs target see this link: https://blobeater.blog/2017/03/01/sql-server-target-vs-total-memory/)

It is currently only 300 lines or so but with 1 execution of a stored procedure you will have the following at your fingertips.

EXEC usp_GlobalMemory

So for a test,  if I change the server’s max memory setting you should see updated values.



The only thing I need to change is the PLE rule for what is healthy, that might take me some time. However, if there is something you would like to see, let me know, I can then add this on too.


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